Saturday, November 21, 2009

Game # 12 Miami Heat 113 - Toronto Raptors 120

Big Second Half Effort Finally Comes To Nothing - Heat Slide to 7-5

First off, credit where it's due....looking on ( as I was ) at the first half display by the Miami Heat I couldn't have predicted the brave comeback in the second half. Pleased for Beasley and Chalmers that they played so strongly in that stretch and pleased that Wade seems to be emerging from his funk.

At 101 -102 Raptors, you thought maybe that's when the Heat were making their final move but hey, it's hard work making up a 20+ point defecit. They simply ran out of gas......oh and the Raptors were shooting 60% on 3 pointers.

Time to reflect now until Sunday's match-up with the C3P-less New Orleans Hornets who, lets not forget, swatted the rampaging Suns on Thursday night. That ain't gonna be a picnic.

I suppose the key now, as many people are saying, is where is the Miami second option?

When you see Mike Beasley driving past Chris Bosh and dunking with his left hand you think, "Man, that's a thing of beauty! Why doesn't he do that more often?"
When you watch Mario Chalmers drilling threes and getting to the foul line you think,
"Man, this kid has a lot to give....why doesn't he give it more consistently?"

Trust.....plain and simple.

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